Free Programs From Me....All for the price of $0.00 in any currency.
These are all DOS programs, but will be most delighted to run under windows.
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  • Business Manager - Manages small business finances.
  • Javascript Tutorial - Learn Javascript..easily!
  • Tell Time - Learn to read an analogue clock.
  • Spell-It - Remember and spell words.
  • Wordlister - Create wordlists from text files.
  • Times Tabler - Learn your times tables-all 12 of them.
  • Jokebook - Over 500k of rib tickling jokes.
  • Jokebook 2 - Yes! It's a sequel. 700k of even more jokes!
  • The Jokegame - An amusing version of "Wheel of Fortune".
  • What Happened - Interesting info on your date of birth.
  • Keno 1997 - Play Keno on your computer.
  • Lotto 18 - Gives a system 18 entry for only AUS$10.40.
  • Lotto Simulator - See how long it REALLY takes to win Lotto.
  • Lotto Odds - Calculates the odds on winning various Lottos.
  • LottoWin - A serious attempt to improve the odds on winning Lotto.
  • Toss Up - Check out the law-of-averages. Simulates flipping a coin.
  • Web Stuff - 645 icons, lines and bullets for your web pages.
  • Hotstuff - Cache reader for IE3.
  • Net Timer - Keep track of your on-line time.
  • Simple Budget - Work out your budget. Find out how much money you need and spend.
  • Credit Card Master - Work out the interest on your credit card.
  • Mortgage Calculator - Calculate the interest and time taken to pay of your mortgage.
  • Newstart - Calculator for unemployment benefits in Australia.
  • Convert It - Conversion program for just about anything to anything.
  • Private Words - Effective text encryption/decryption program.
  • Evenfile - Evens up all the lines in a text file.

Business Manager (253k)
An extremely easy to use program to manage your income and expenses for a small business. Can be up and running in just a few minutes. No complicated instructions. Just print your trading for the year and give the sheets to your accountant. Screenshot

Javascript Tutorial
Examples (133k) Reference (173k) Tutorial (220k)
This is a collection of stuff I found when I wanted to learn a little about javascript. There are about 160 simple examples that you can load straight into your browser, A complete A- Z reference list of terms, plus an excellent tutorial in html. So if you want to have a go at Javascript, then it's all here.

Tell Time (53k)
This is designed to teach anyone how to tell the time using an analogue clock. The circular clock face is displayed with the hands at random positions, you must type in the correct time. Can be set for a random 60 minute selection, or a random selection in multiples of 5 minutes. (5, 10, 15 etc) Screenshot

Spell-It (217k)
A simple program incorporating speech to teach anyone to remember, and spell words. Words are randomly selected from over 13,000, you must then remember the word and type it in. Aimed at any age and for anyone having trouble spelling. Screenshot

Wordlister (37k)
This program will create word lists from any text file. It reads a text file and then creates a text file of words with a user selected length of a minimum of 3 to 9 letters per word. Ideal for creating lists for spelling programs. (eg the previous program - Spell-it). Australian Freeware.

Times Tabler (58k)
A Simple but entertaining program to teach anyone their times tables. Learn them in sequence or random order. Keeps a score chart so you know which tables need work.

The JokeBook (225k)
Over 500k of jokes to tickle your funnybone. Religeon, race, babies, school, work, sex, marriage, dogs, cats, in fact, jokes on everything known to man. If you like a good laugh and aren't too easily offended then this is for you. Screenshot

The JokeBook 2 (329k)
Yes, A sequel!! Over 700k of more jokes. If you're still alive after reading the first jokebook then you might wanna die laughing while reading the sequel. It's BIGGER and just as funny. Screenshot

The JokeGame (488k)
A cross between "Wheel of Fortune" and "Hangman". Guess the consonants and buy vowels to win dollars and ultimately guess the answer to the joke. 600 jokes and lots of fun stuff like DOUBLE UP, LOSE HALF, GET HALF, CHOICE and BANKRUPT in this wacky game of funny nonsense that'll tickle the funny bones of up to 4 players. Screenshot

What Happened (144k)
An amusing program to provide info on your date of birth. Interesting celebrity birthdays, what happened on the day, the month and year of your birth. Plus your Astrological outlook and Numerology. Screenshot

Keno 1997 (42k)
This is based on the Keno game found in the "Pokie" machines used in South Australia. The payouts are similar, but this provides a random payout instead of the 85% payout of the "Pokies". Provides a running total of games played, credits won, credits remaining and a percent of credits won against games played. Also provides for a "PowerKeno" win. Screenshot

Lotto 18 (46k)
A simple to use program to give a System 18 entry on the Australian XLotto for $11.40 instead of the normal $9,327.00. This can be used on ANY XLotto system that draws 6 numbers plus 2 supplementaries from 45 numbers. Screenshot

Lotto Simulator (32k)
This little bit of nonsense is a fun program to show you just how difficult it is to win at Lotto. It simulates playing against random draws in a 6 number plus 2 supplementaries draw from 45 numbers. (That's the Australian XLotto). You may be very surprised to discover just how long it does take! Screenshot

Lotto-odds (32k)
This will calculate the odds on winning the lotto or Keno. It will work on systems using up to 80 numbers and selecting up to 10 numbers from that 80. eg. Selecting 6 numbers from 45 results in 8,145,060 combinations. Screenshot

LottoWin (307k)
A serious attempt to improve the odds on winning at X-lotto. 9 files containing 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42 and 45 numbers, "wheeled" to give the minimum games in order to guarantee at least one 4 number win. Two programs are included to make use of the files. This is really fascinating stuff!

Toss-Up (28k)
Interested in gambling or the law of averages, then try this. This will simulate flipping a coin in the air and betting on whether it lands on heads or tails. A silly bit of nonsense that produces some interesting results. Screenshot

Web Stuff
Animations1 (384k) Animations2 (407k) Animations3 (335k) Animations4 (358k) Animations5 (314k)
Backgrounds1 (470k) Backgrounds2 (257k) Bullets (51k) Buttons (68k) Icons (503k) Lines (459k) Menus (320k)
Over 4 meg of icons, lines, bullets, anims etc that you can use to jazz up you web pages. Be the coolest dude in cyberspace with the most radical web pages around.

Hotstuff (39k)
If you use Internet Explorer 3 then this will read your favourites file and cache, and create an HTML file that you can load into your browser with listings of the gifs, jpegs and web pages. Then just click on the files to see them.

Net Timer (40k)
Keep track of your on-line Internet time with this easy to use program. Records the date and time each time you log on and off plus your total time remaining. Ideal for those who have a casual access account and have intermittent access. Screenshot

Simple Budget (35k)
Exactly what the title says. Enter all of your expenses and the amounts by week, month or year, then enter your income and see exactly how much money you have left to spend each week. An easy way to see if you are living above your means. Screenshot

Credit Card Master (36.5k)
A simple to use program to tell you how much interest and how long to pay off your credit card. Just enter the annual interest rate, amount borrowed, monthly payment and see how much you REALLY pay the bank. Screenshot

Mortgage Calculator (42k)
An easy to use program to work out how much it will cost you for any loan. The interest is calculated daily on a loan of up to $9,999,999 with weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Newstart (32k)
If you live in Australia and are receiving unemployment benefits, then this will calculate how much allowance you will get depending on how much money you earn. Designed for single or married adult persons. Screenshot

Convert-it (50k)
Another boring program to convert lots of stuff to lots of other stuff. Metric - Imperial, length, volume, area, speed, time, temperature, weight, fuel consumption, binary, hex, octal and decimal. Plus a neato bonus of converting English numbers to Roman and vice versa. This also includes a lot of ye olde Imperial stuff (peck, bushel etc).Screenshot

Private Words (57k)
This will encrypt/decrypt any text files that you want to keep from prying eyes. Create a "private key" to decrypt your files and a "public key" that others can use to encrypt text files to send to you. Only you have the "private key" that will decrypt the files. Can also be used with a password to encrypt/decrypt text files on your hard drive.

Even File (32k)
This will import a text file, find the length of the longest line and then insert spaces so that all of the lines are the same length, then write a new file with evenly formatted lines.