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THE VIETNAM WAR ...The way it was
Wanna find out what it was really like during the Vietnam war. I spent 6 years in the Infantry as a combat soldier (grunt), including a tour of Vietnam way back in 1971. These are some of my experiences including a heap of pictures that I took. This isn't any Hollywood movie, this is the real thing.

This details the callous disregard a large multi-national company has for it's employees, and how the senior management have no apparent regard for health, safety and the environment. I was the Occupational Health and Safety Store Representative, and because I tried to improve staff safety the management tried to get rid of me with lies, intimidation, coercion and just about any way their feeble minds could think of.

Here's a whole bucketful of software that I wrote using my completely inadequate abilities, that you can have for nix! There are games, lotto stuff, business, funny stuff, as a matter of fact, if'n ya can't find sumptin' here that yous likes then yous must be roolly stoopid.
For detailed info go to the free Software page, or for a quick-pick use the pull-down menu.

If you get bored with the same 'ole stuff on the net then try some of these Javascript programs, they vary from excellent to mediocre. Simply select from this pull down menu and they will load automatically. If you want to learn more about Javascript then download the tutorial from my Free Software page.

Here's a bunch of midi songs that I had lying around. There's no special reason why they're here, so if you want some noise while you're surfing just make your choice from the pull-down menu and they will automatically load into a small, separate window...Enjoy!

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